Yuki is an innovative online accounting platform which helps you doing your bookkeeping in order to always have an up-to-date overview of the financial status of your company. 

A well nurtured bookkeeping is definately not the most desired task for an entrepeneur, but crucial for an healthy financially company. To realise this it is absolutely necessary that your figures are always updated in realtime. That's why Yuki made it his key priority to enhance the cooperation between the entrepeneur and the accountant, by enabling them to communicate through one online accounting platform, in order to work together on your company's bookkeeping. 

The only supplies you need to work with Yuki are a scanner, smartphone and an e-mailadress. These tools will feed Yuki with information about your company. Therefore, being an entrepeneur doesn't require certain Yuki or accounting skills since we will do this for you. 

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