For over 20 years now we have been servicing professional players and athletes, coaches, clubs and sports agents and we therefore know the ins and outs of the national and international sports business. As a result, we see fiscal and legal possibilities and pitfalls way ahead. Maguire has worked on more than 750 national and international football transfers and is the exclusive tax partner of Pro Agent, the Dutch association of registered football intermediaries. Next to the football branche, we are active for stakeholders in hockey, volleyball, racing, fighting and sailing. Our services benefit both the big stars and the starting professionals. Did you know Maguire annually composes the income tax return of over 100 players and athletes?

We will also help you in your move abroad. In the past 20 years we created an international network of like-minded sports law firms in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Turkey, France and Belgium. Emigrations are complex, and for athletes mostly sudden and hectic. We will ensure that all Dutch affairs are well rounded-up, and that you land safely in the arms of our foreign partner.

For a number of topsportsmen, Maguire is the family office: for a fixed monthly fee, we take care of all possible matters.

And finally, Maguire is the ideal partner for sports clubs and associations, with our expertise in corporate income tax, VAT, wage tax, donations, partnerships and sponsorships.

Examples of services for agents/intermediaries:

  • taking care of company accounting, and composing income tax and cirporate income tax returns
  • drafting andf advising on player management contracts and club commission contracts
  • tax planning for corporate revenues
  • advising on legal company form, partnerships and (re)structuring
  • conducting legal and fiscal proceedings

Examples of services for professional football players and other professional athletes:

  • composing income tax returns (starting at € 275,00 ex BTW per year)
  • no cure no pay! : check-up of income tax returns of past 5 years
  • full or partial transfer management (commercial, financial, legal and fiscal)
  • structuring of image rights
  • advising on endorsement/sponsoring contracts
  • managing emigration and international tax planning
  • conducting legal and fiscal proceedings

Examples of services for sports clubs:

  • advising on BTW-issues (accomodations, clubhouse revenues, trainers etc)
  • advising on wage tax issues (remuneration of players, coaches and other freelancers, volunteers)
  • club scan: analysis of tax risks
  • building finance structures for renovations/acquisitions
  • advising on corporate income tax issues
  • advising on donations, legacies and sponsoring
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