As ICT-entrepreneur, you want an advisor and accountant who understand that your business has no traditional boundaries and that Google can be both a client and a supplier. Who can digitize your business processes just as fast as you can and to whom terms as reverse billing, Shopify and payment providers have no secrets. Game developers and gaming publishers, affiliate marketing companies, content builders and webshops: at Maguire we know what's going on in your business, how to deal with it and how to optimize the financial processes in your company.

We advise you on the WBSO-system (which is a wage tax reduction for employees who conduct innovative work) and the Innovation Box (which is a corporate income tax reduction on profits made with innovative activities). And we execute those facilities both with the tax authorities and into your accounts. We also advise on your foreign activities: how should they be structured on a legal and fiscal level, which country serves your needs and matches your wishes, are your external cooperation contracts and your internal group arrangements legally solid and fiscally acceptable, etc.

Next to that, we provide the following general services for Internet and ICT-companies:

  • conducting the financial accounts (in Yuki)
  • composing the annual accounts of your BV's or partnership
  • composing the annual tax returns (corporate income tax and income tax)
  • handling VAT-returns (BTW)
  • handling your staff's salary administration and wage tax issues
  • accompanying the transfer of enterprises into BV's
  • advising on acquisitions of and participation into companies 
  • advising or mediating in partner conflicts

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