Amsterdam based firm Maguire provides services for tax advise, legal advice and accounting. Maguire's tax advisors are experts in international tax law and are fluent in English, German and French (and a little less fluent in Spanish). Since the Netherlands - and Amsterdam in particular - has such an attraction to multinationals and expats, we offer full servicepackages to expats. We service both companies/employers and expats/employees. 

We’re aware of the large amount of procedures an expat has to go through when moving to the Netherlands. These procedures are often only available in Dutch or limited in English and take loads of time and energy. Maguire can solve this problem by providing an one-stop-shop for a wide variety of services which saves you time and in many cases substantial amounts of money. Expats often don’t know what benefits and allowances they’re entitled to. Especially expats with small children can receive substantial support from our government.

Take childcarecosts for example. These can be quite high in the Netherlands. Fortunately, there are substantial benefits and subsidies to lower these costs in the form of childcare allowance (Dutch: ‘kinderopvangtoeslag’) and child benefit (Dutch: kinderbijslag). This can be requested via the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Childcare allowance is available for all parents with children in day-care who are working or studying in the Netherlands. Maguire can help you with receiving this allowance as well as all other allowances and benefits, such as health care allowances, rent allowance and child benefit (‘kinderbijslag’). We can also act as an intermediary between the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and yourself. Maguire’s services include full correspondence handling and acting as your formal correspondence address with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. As part of our correspondence-address-service we scan and e-mail you all letters from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration with an English summary and short to-do included.

The Maguire expatdesk provides (amongst other) the following services: 

  • conducting salary administration for employers, also for foreign employers lending out staff to the Netherlands;
  • composing income tax returns; 
  • conducting objection and appeal proceedings for income tax issues;
  • obtaining 30%-rulings for employees;
  • requesting special employer's status with IND (Erkend Referent);
  • requesting allowances and benefits; 
  • advising on salary splits, employee benefits and employee participation plans;
  • requesting A1/E101 declarations from the tax authorities;
  • managing immigration and emigration situations through checklists or (total) service packages;
  • translating correspondence between the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and yourself;
  • corresspondence-address-services;  

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