We feel privileged to be able to work for so many creative entrepreneurs and enterprises. We are inspired by your ideas and energy. At the same time, a lot of creatives need additional financial management and advise: our craft is generally not your hobby... So we shall not hesitate to hold you tight, to chase you and correct you. You also need your advise in bite-sized chunks and simple language. Clear overviews and tick-the-box action lists. And a trusted advisor who just tells you to go left or right in case you do not know yourself anymore. We build relationships for life, that's our motto and that's what we do. Especially for you creatives, since you need extra protection and guidance in the business part of your life, today and tomorrow.

What do we do specifically for creatives?

  • extra administrative support
  • extra care for pension plans
  • advising on specific tax facilities
  • drafting and reviewing business contracts
  • advising on the protection of intellectual property
  • tax structuring for royalties or business component
  • We are knowledgeable on the issues that face entrepreneurs now, but also the issues they will face tomorrow. In a compact team we ensure that you make no mistakes, that you optimize your possibilities and that our services always yield higher profits than costs. 

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